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Originally Posted by WrexSi View Post
I find it bizarre that fans of other clubs of a similar stature to ours, poke the finger at us for gratefully accepting some kind help from R&R…..

We were destroyed by Hamilton and our two relegations, and while the fan owned model was well run business wise, we were very unlikely to ever return to the EFL, we couldn’t command transfer fees or decent wages for top players at this level

We’ve looked on, as the likes of Crawley, Fleetwood, FGR, Sutton, Stevenage, and more, have gone up - why shouldn’t we at least have a Chance of our day in the sun?

We were well supported with gates of around 4000 even when we’d have been better off if our seats weren’t facing the pitch - we still turned up to try to support whatever donkeys were on show, to generate money for the club.

If, and it’s a very big If, we manage to get even one promotion during R&R’s tenure, I for one won’t have any tinge of guilt that we had financial assistance. Not many fan owned clubs have enjoyed success, we all need a helping hand at times.

Enjoy the ride, ignore the jealousy. COYR. And thanks R&R.
Well said, Mr W - a reasoned, and rational, summary of our situation.