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Default Re: The Hotel Factor

Originally Posted by RexRentFree View Post
Why didnít you go to the Woking game?
Itís on another thread but will explain here as well.

I queued for my season ticket a few weeks ago and was told that I would need to come back as itís one of the many that havenít turned up from the printers.

I then had to queue up for my Notts County ticket which I have attached a copy for TheRealWelshWayne as he wanted evidence but the evidence was not sufficient.

I was going to queue up for replacement Woking ticket but decided against it after whatís happened previous . My season ticket has now turned up so will be at the Dagenham game if anyone wants me to take a picture of myself at the ground please let me know what time you want me to take it. Pre match / during game / half time / etc ?