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EnglishRed 1st May 2017 13.43:51

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
[QUOTE=LatePaskinHeader;2021025]Can he offer anything to Jennings yet? He's still officially on loan with his parent clubs season not over yet?

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He's still under contract for another week

Todd Sweeney 1st May 2017 13.43:51

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
That means Dean Keates has wielded the axe and allowed nine players to leave the club.

They are: Iffy Allen, Khallem Bailey-Nicholls, Anthony Barry, Robbie Evans, Shwan Jalal, Izale McLeod, Callum Powell, Martin Riley and Jordan White.

benwilliams 1st May 2017 13.43:58

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
Riley is a slight disappointment but had been heavily signposted last few days, convinced we can do better. White is a surprise given recent form but over the course of a season it's the right decision, maybe he's had a more lucrative offer back in Scotland? I think we can do better for the money he's likely to have been on.
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Junior Shabadoo 1st May 2017 13.44:02

[QUOTE=KT12 Exile;2021027]I'm astonished about Riley, and surprised about White as well.[/QUOTE]

From a lot of the word going round it sounds like maybe him and Keates are too far apart to agree, rather than a simple case of Riley being chopped?
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NedStarksGhost 1st May 2017 13.44:10

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
Only two that have surprised me are White and Riley. White has shown some decent form as of late and Riley has been consistent. Can only imagine the reason he doesn't want them are their wages. Even then, White was starting to look the part.

gazwxm 1st May 2017 13.44:16

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
Feel us letting white go might be a mistake can't really argue with the rest, i'm sure we'll get a centre half of rileys ability for less money.

KT12 Exile 1st May 2017 13.44:16

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
[QUOTE=Todd Sweeney;2021032]Blimey. Wasn't expecting it to be quite that far reaching.[/QUOTE]

Me neither. I expected Evans, Barry, McLeod, Powell, etc to go, but Riley?? Also given recent form I'd have given White another year. I have a feeling he's going to be back to his best next season.

I trust Keates would only have released this many players if he's confident he can bring in better, but still..I'm really surprised.

blackbrookred 1st May 2017 13.44:43

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
Well it shows Dean is ruthless.
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Redted 1st May 2017 13.45:02

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
Wrexham have also confirmed Dean Keates would like to speak further with James Jennings over extending his stint in North Wales.

dixierob 1st May 2017 13.45:03

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
It shows DK can be ruthless and he's his own man. Looking forward with anticipation on who he's going to bring in.
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