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TheRealWelshWayne 14th September 2021 12.46:00

Re: Season ticket sales
[QUOTE=Wxm boy;2514469]It's not just extra staff, they need to change how they work as it's very inefficient. The person serving you takes your order, takes payment, then get and pours your drinks. They should have people pre-pouring drinks the others just taking the money and giving them out. Likewise they should pre pour loads of drinks just before half time, ready to sell when the whistle goes.
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Standard practice at large scale events.

Ordering takes 5 seconds
Pouring a pint takes 30 seconds minimum
walking over and back takes 10 seconds
paying takes 10-15 seconds.

Even without pre-pouring, you can almost double your sales with the same amount of staff. Going from 30 pints to close to 60 every 15 minutes. so £120 to £240 sales per two staff.

Cenotaff 14th September 2021 12.56:38

Re: Season ticket sales
This video is 10 years old. TEN YEARS!

It shows what is possible. The initial investment would be worth it. Just make payment by card only. A bucket for coin donations to cover the old who don't have the tech.


EnglishRed 14th September 2021 13.07:07

Re: Season ticket sales

Cenotaff 14th September 2021 13.23:39

Re: Season ticket sales

People queuing up nicely would be the witchcraft!

Ooh aah Paskin 14th September 2021 13.49:46

Re: Season ticket sales
That's heresy right there!
Pints don't fill from the bottom....
Burn them at the stake I tell you...

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