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Default Re: Barrow, Cheap Option & Danny Ward money

Originally Posted by pagl View Post
I think a lot of players are too blame for tonite.
To perform so badly after Saturday shows a lack of respect for GB and the fans.

GB knows the squad isnt good enough hence 3 signings and maybe a few more are needed.

I think Grant will prove a huge mistake, Summerfield seems lost, Wright isnt good enough for CM and Young is out of his depth. Add Ruthers and Roberts to the mix and its hardly a surprise we look disjointed.

GB can make changes this week and I think needs to consider the same for the next league game. If we leave it as it is we will get the same results.
Hopefully Walker is back but it then needs a new CM with him and switch to a more solid 442 with Tollitt RM and Beavon LM. At least we will get effort.
Grant was signed originally by Ricketts so did not have to extend his deal at all. Surprised Barrow did not go after Henry Jones from Bala (Fylde last season) given he would know him. Would score more goals and definitely cheaper.
Needs to realise quickly too that if you do not score you will not win games-so not sensible to play Summerfield, Rutherford, Beavon, Grant, Wright together as all are poor finishers unfortunately.