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Default Re: Portimonense Reaction

Originally Posted by Phils-an-alki View Post
Well, that's me convinced.
I'll forget Rutherford's lack of attacking threat, goals and assists over three seasons here and will now base my entire opinion on one friendly game in pre season. The last 3 seasons mean nothing now and its all down to your in-depth friendly match assessment my dear fellow Wrexham supporter. **Slow claps**

On a serious note.
The jury is still out on Grant. Sounds like he's had personal issues last season so lets see what he's made of. Certainly gave the most refreshingly honest interview from a player I've heard in a long time and sounds like he means business this season.
Agree on Grant. What worried me watching him last season was he looked like he'd rather be anywhere else but on the pitch playing for us most of the time. Hoping he'll prove us all wrong and be great this season. By the way I have somehow missed this interview with Grant. Was it on the 'Fishel site?
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