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Default Re: Bryan Hughes has started blocking fans on Twitter

Originally Posted by BP Red View Post
Haha clutching at straws there. Blocking a handful of nobheads on Twitter is now comparable to Mills' piss-up preparation?

He's not the right man for the job but for the final time, it's his personal account. Stop crying about it.
Why isn't it you can't grasp he's been able to pick and choose for yonks who follows him but is doing vanity searches? He also use his account in an official capacity to address the fans too, his choice too. That other club Twitter accounts are blocking people who voice only criticism that many are blocked from joining or have since had membership revoked on SO78 for doing the same.

Are you starting to see a pattern emerge? The very tactics John Mills uses, likely promoted within the club to deal with any type of criticism.

The Gary Mills comment is to do with comments on Mondays training session which lasted 30 minutes, followed by 20 minutes lounging in the pool for half the squad at total fitness.

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