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Default Re: Christmas Raffle

Originally Posted by Teifi Red View Post
Slightly going off tangent here...... I pay my WST membership by direct debit. When do you stop your membership?
Going by some on here who have had issues with payments, membership, e-mails etc is it prudent to wait until the takeover is signed and sealed?
I've dropped my standing order down to a minimum now. I want to remain a member for time being just so I don't miss any updates etc. Going forward when the WST produces a set of revised objectives or purpose I will then decide if I am behind them or not.

Suspect that membership could fall to 500 or so if it continues unless there are major changes.

My suggestion is to remain a member for now just so you retain access to information and a voting option just in case of some kind of collosal f up in the FA ratification process
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