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red_dragon 8th August 2019 01.03:49

Boreham Wood Highlights
Highlights on their Youtube Channel.

How have we not scored 5 or 6 is beyond me. Anybody who went say if the 2nd Wood goal was deflected? Looked a poor shot to let in if not
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aussiejackoinsaudi 8th August 2019 05.13:09

Re: Boreham Wood Highlights
They could have scored quite a few as well.

OneLoveWrexham 8th August 2019 07.51:30

Re: Boreham Wood Highlights

OneLoveWrexham 8th August 2019 07.53:17

Re: Boreham Wood Highlights
Another 2 goals go in where Dibble is flat footed, that’s 3 for the season now where he has watched the ball go by.

Readred 8th August 2019 07.57:08

Re: Boreham Wood Highlights
[QUOTE=OneLoveWrexham;2279698]Another 2 goals go in where Dibble is flat footed, that’s 3 for the season now where he has watched the ball go by.[/QUOTE]

I really like Dibble, fantastic no2 at this level. But Lainton is the better goalkeeper. The second goal was a pretty meek shot.

dixienormous 8th August 2019 08.03:46

Re: Boreham Wood Highlights
Having watched the highlights I'm convinced Lainton would have saved the second, and like Onelove said he is very flat footed.

WREX01 8th August 2019 08.03:53

Re: Boreham Wood Highlights
It’s refreshing seeing us play some good stuff going forward, and actually create chances.

Any news on when BB, Barton and Lainton are available?
All 3 will add something different to the team.
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KingBuxton_Forever red 8th August 2019 08.07:15

Re: Boreham Wood Highlights
What the hell is that second goal they scored. Dribbled in.

Not fair to put it all on Dibble, because we should have put them to bed there, but he should have done better. No doubt about that.

jackwilliams 8th August 2019 08.18:42

Re: Boreham Wood Highlights
Murtagh has been a very good player at this level for many seasons. Probably does not want to come north. Bit harsh on Dibble some of the comments. No chance with first and second may have taken a big deflection. Made some decent saves before that. Going into the 90th minute and Rutherford puts in a decent cross but I would have liked to see him hold the ball and keep it near the corner flag.

Percy Sugden 8th August 2019 08.22:05

Re: Boreham Wood Highlights
I said weeks ago dibble will cost us points.... Boreham Wood look in a similar state as last season - short of a decent striker.

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