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blackbrookred 14th September 2021 17.16:05

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
[QUOTE=Gaz Wxm;2514759]immigration issues are dealt with by immigration officers who have all the powers they need to carry out enforcement, police would only assist them if intel suggested there would be violence or large numbers to deal with.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=dragonspark;2514852]i think this is for the documentary:D[/QUOTE]

Matty Done is in it I believe.

Ooh aah Paskin 14th September 2021 17.26:39

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
[QUOTE=dragonspark;2514852]i think this is for the documentary:D[/QUOTE]

If there was a slap emoji I would be using it right now.

There might be one but frankly I can't be bothered looking.

Dai83 14th September 2021 17.45:41

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
I believe her.

rob_1072 14th September 2021 18.11:12

Re: STALKER (Part 2)
[QUOTE=Dai83;2514864]I believe her.[/QUOTE]

Plot twist in the documentary!

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